Friday, March 4, 2011

Bike Path


  1. I like this picture. Is it a real bike path?

  2. Absolutely, this section of the bike path runs along the Detroit River, on the Canadian side, Windsor, and runs from base of The Ambassador Bridge, all the way down to the famous Hiram Walker's distillery that produces the famous Canadian Club whiskey. It runs 3 km and is littered with a fascinating collection of sculptures and gardens. To the right of the dolls head you can see some of the well groomed random plants. And behind that, stands only one thin tree. The rest of the things huddled together are four 20 foot Greek-ish contrete columns. The path continues further up the river for another kilometre.
    And yes this is a real bike path. If you wanted, this bike bath has connections all the way to Vancouver. I've done a lot of my photographing here. Even the "About Me" picture in my profile, with Lucille Ball, was taken there.

  3. This was also taken on a very mild Winter morning and I was riding my bike with the doll in one hand my camera in the other. I stopped at the elephant sculptures and I think I posted an elephant pic before. not sure. gotta go to work.